The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Enroll Another Woman

HBO has a great history with female quartets, from “Sex and the City” to “Girls.” However, “The Sex Lives of College Girls” carves out a niche with a distinct voice and loads of hilarious material, capturing four young women from diverse backgrounds reunited as roommates as they mature into first-year college students.Co-created by Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble, the HBO Max show actually has a lot to say, in part by bringing together women whose differences in terms of race, class and geography are somewhat eclipsed by sharing the process of discovering themselves.

and forging identities. apart from their parents. Mom, I am not bringing my teddy bear to college,” one complains during the move-in stage at Essex College in New England, capturing very well the middle ground between independence and childhood that this period represents so well.

only.Point out the slow-motion shots of shirtless guys jogging, skepticism about a boyfriend wanting to wait until marriage (“Boys are born ready, so something happens”), and issues about dealing with sexual identity.

The producers have helped in the process by putting together a very good cast, including Pauline Chalamet. Timothee’s sister, as Kimberley, a wide-eyed arrival from Arizona who always seems to be saying the wrong thing and lacks financial connections and resources.

of her roommates. The remaining trio, Bela (Amrit Kaur), Leighton (Reneé Rapp) and (Whitney) Alyah Chanelle Scott, are equally good, with Kaur getting the biggest laughs when she was a child eager to let go now that she escaped the supervision of the her parents. .

While this is not new terrain, “Sex Lives” manages to be occasionally sweet as well as funny, like when a couple of them attend a “naked party” and are reprimanded for looking down on the, um, nudity. of others. So we’re not supposed to watch? What’s this, a naked party under the Taliban rule?” Bela complains.

Later, Whitney, the daughter of a senator, reluctantly attends a frat party along with wealthy Leighton, and tells the sea of ​​blonde girls she knows: “I hope to see you all at ‘Selling Sunset’ one day. Amid the jokes and awkward situations (including a positively shameful dinner over the parents’ weekend in a later episode.


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