Soundtracks – The Finishing Touches

Some scenes touch our hearts more than other scenes. It can be because of the general topic or situation, the acting performance, the cinematography, or because of the OST that accentuates the scene perfectly.

In this article, I will present some Asian drama moments in which the song put the finishing touch on the scene (at least to me).

CAUTIONMINOR spoiler for Heartless City and High & LowMEDIOCRE spoiler for Kom Faek, and MAJOR spoiler for Hotel del LunaThe Legends, and The Wolf ahead! 

Who are you?

Drama: Hotel del Luna
Song: Done for me by Punch
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When a living person enters the tunnel to the Sanzu River this person will forget the way back and eventually die. When Chan Sung entered the tunnel, Man Wol fears that she has lost him. She is standing in front of the tunnel and still hopes for Chan Sung to come back. There are already tears in her eyes when a figure detaches himself from the darkness. Overwhelmed by happiness, she runs towards him and embraces him, but something is off. It feels somehow familiar but wrong… who is it that came back through the tunnel?