Mr Goxx the hamster that trades in cryptocurrencies

The rodent, who rose to internet fame for its ability to outcompete human investors using a specially constructed commercial cage, died Tuesday.

The official Twitter account of the furry financier announced the hamster’s death to his 18,000 followers on social media. It showed us that the Internet does not necessarily have to be a toxic wasteland,” its owners told the BBC. We are absolutely overwhelmed with the countless poignant condolences we have received on all channels. What we personally learned from this project has little to do with cryptocurrencies.

The hamster’s financial career and subsequent fame stemmed from an experiment by two friends in Germany who wanted to demonstrate the randomness of success in the digital currency industry. Goxx’s business office, attached to his usual cage, was seen by thousands on a Twitch livestream. He is famous for making decisions by running on his “wheel of intent” to select which cryptocurrency.

he would like to trade and then entering a buy or sell tunnel on his “office floor Every time he ran through a tunnel, the electronics connected to his office completed the exchange according to Mr. Goxx’s wishes. The small trader began his financial career on June 12, 2021. After his last trading day on November 22, his portfolio was up 19.7% and he had made a profit of 98 euros.

Recent calculations from crypto news site Protos suggested that the hamster’s latest financial results outpaced that of supreme investor Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. At times, Goxx was even a little ahead of Bitcoin, the largest of the cryptocurrencies. However, Goxx Capital was not a real investment company, and Goxx’s human partners emphasized, with each tweet, that the hamster’s decisions should not be taken as investment advice.

The couple, a programmer and a lecturer, saw Mr. Goxx as the face of a “lighthearted side project. It seems that most of the people of our generation see no other opportunity than to throw a lot of their savings into the crypto market, having no idea what’s going on there,” the anonymous duo behind Goxx explained in September. We were joking about whether my hamster would be able to make smarter investment decisions than humans.


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