Magical Money the rise of ICO

Violet Lim wants to get rich by uniting internet dating and the latest investment craze. Our ICO is about love on the blockchain,” exclaims the founder of

You can use it to get curated matches, buy flowers, book restaurants, or even get dating and relationship advice ICOs, or initial coin offerings to give them your full name, are a way of raising funds by creating a new form of money out of thin air. And in the radio documentary Magical Money we try to find out if it is a revolution in finance or a bubble that is already bursting.

Singapore-based Violet has been involved in the internet dating industry for years. But she believes that an ICO presents a way to raise $ 17 million (£ 12.6 million) from investors, who will get tokens to use in their dating activities. Why, I want to know, do you need a token to buy flowers for your loved one and why does the service have to be on this magical blockchain that seemingly solves all problems.

We are trying to solve a very important problem in our industry, which is a lack of trust,” she replies. And she explains that by entering people’s details into an immutable blockchain, Viola will be able to deal with “love scammers” who hide her true identity. But her enthusiasm gives way to a degree of discouragement soon after, when Google bans ICO and cryptocurrency ads on the same day that the public sale of Viola begins.

Violet is one of dozens of ICO-dependent company founders that we first met at an event called London Blockchain Week in January. Two faces of cryptocurrency Arsenal signs a cryptocurrency deal with CashBet Delays affect KodakCoin’s cryptocurrency plans They were all convinced of two things: that trendy blockchain technology could revolutionize almost every industry in the world.

There is a madness,” says the organizer of the event, Luis Carranza.and that huge profits could be made by creating new currencies to finance this wave of disruption. It could be a cycle of hype, but it could also be the beginning of a new industrial revolution. He explains that an ICO involves both creating a new cryptocurrency or token like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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