Elon Musk fans targeted in crypto cash scam

Fans of businessman Elon Musk have been the target of an emerging cryptocurrency scam. Scammers posing as celebrities on Twitter claim to be giving away crypto-cash like Bitcoin or Ether to their fans.

They ask people to send them a small amount of cryptocurrency to qualify for the giveaway, but the victims do not get any bitcoins back. Twitter has yet to delete the account of the impostor Elon Musk. Scammers pose as well-known personalities on Twitter by copying their profile photos and choosing usernames that are very similar to genuine accounts. They then post responses to popular tweets made by the genuine celebrity.

This gives his nefarious messages prominence on Twitter. Typically, scammers ask people to send them small amounts of cryptocurrency and offer to return a larger amount as part of a giveaway. At first glance, it appears that the real Elon Musk has responded to a popular tweet. The scam can be compelling, because at first glance it appears that the celebrity has responded to his own tweet. However, fake profiles can be spotted as they do not have the verified.

On Tuesday, an account posing as Elon Musk under the username @elonmuskik tweeted that the entrepreneur was going to “give away” 3,000 Ether, worth £ 1.7 million.Twitter badge and often have no followers and have never posted before. The scam was amplified by various automated accounts known as bots. The bots had been inactive since September 2017 and had never posted before, but came alive to chat with each other about the alleged crypto-cash giveaway.

The founder of the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterin, has been the target of the scam so many times that he has changed his username to “No, I am not giving away ETH . No, I’m not giving away ETH  you guys aren’t getting anything,” he tweeted. Twitter has been criticized for taking too long to address the problem of bots on its platform.




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