Cryptocurrency theft hacker returns $ 260 million

On Tuesday, the affected company, Poly Network, wrote a letter on Twitter, asking the individual to get in touch to find a solution. The hacker later posted messages promising to return the funds interested in the money.

On Wednesday, Poly Network said it had received $ 260 million. The company, a blockchain platform that allows users to trade different types of digital tokens, posted on Twitter that they had returned three cryptocurrencies, including $ 3.3 million in Ethereum, $ 256 million in Binance Coin, and $ 1 million in Polygon. A total of $ 269 million in Ether tokens and $ 84 million in Polygon tokens have yet to be recovered.

A blockchain is a ledger or record of every transaction made with a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. The ledger is distributed to all users on the network to verify all new transactions when they occur, rather than being held by a single authority. The hacker claimed that he had always planned to return the tokens and said the heist was carried out to highlight vulnerabilities in the Poly Network software.

The hacker posted a three-page question-and-answer session on one of the blockchains essentially in the form of a self-interview, according to Tom Robinson, co-founder of Elliptic, a London-based blockchain analytics and compliance firm. But they emphasized that they did not want to cause a “real panic [in] the world of so they only took “major currencies leaving behind Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that started as a joke.

I know it hurts when people are attacked, but shouldn’t they learn something from those tricks?” the hacker wrote in the notes embedded in the Ethereum blockchain. The hacker claimed to have spent the entire night searching for a vulnerability to exploit. They said they were concerned that Poly Network would quietly fix the security flaw without telling anyone, so they decided to take millions of dollars in cryptocurrency tokens to make a point.

Hacker returns $ 25 million in ‘stolen’ cryptocurrency Either they were just intent on committing a robbery and stealing the assets, or they were acting like a white hat hacker to expose a bug, to help Poly Network get stronger and safer,” said Robinson, who regularly advises governments and law enforcement agencies. about crypto-related crimes, he told the BBC. Hackers Steal $ 600 Million In Major Crypto Heist

He added that the nature of blockchain technology makes it difficult for cybercriminals to profit from the theft of digital currencies, because everyone can see the money moving across the network to hackers’ wallets. I wonder if this hacker stole the funds, he realized how much publicity and attention they were getting, he realized where the funds were moving that would be monitored and decided to return them,” Robinson said.


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