BBC Bitcoin Mining Report Used in Crypto

He is a smiling guy, glass half full, naturally positive and full of energy. He is also smart and works at an Indian tech company. He is the least likely person, you would think, to be the victim of an online scam.

However, in October he was defrauded out of his life savings: $ 4,000 (£ 3,000). He couldn’t believe it. “I was so stressed. I was lost. I told my wife and she said, ‘I thought you were smart. How did you lose so much money. He texted me in late October out of nowhere, telling me what had happened. However, he wasn’t just talking to me about the deception. He was warning me.

Because the bottom line of the scam was a distorted version of my reports. Earlier this year, I was given access to a Bitcoin mine in upstate New York. I did a report on it, focusing on how Bitcoin mining produces carbon emissions. However, that is not the report that Chiranjeevi saw. On October 18, he joined a Telegram channel called B2C Mining.

Telegram is an encrypted messaging service, like WhatsApp, but with “channels”, which can look more like a Facebook group. The B2C Mining channel claimed to be part of a company that owned and operated a Bitcoin mine in Russia. At the top of the group, anchored to the channel, was my report … just not exactly my report. It had been altered, removing .

I thought it was very genuine,” says Chiranjeevi. “That’s what attracted me. I thought you had visited the mining company,” he told me. “I have been watching the BBC since he was a child and he has a reputation all over the world. There were other videos too, of happy customers who had made money. People had also posted their achievements. Chiranjeevi was intrigued.

The company claimed to mine cryptocurrency on demand, with staggering profits. They said they would mine them for 24 hours and that they could generate around 20 to 40% depending on the type of cryptocurrency,” Chiranjeevi said. The group had almost 3,000 members. Surely so many people couldn’t be wrong? He decided to give it a spin. Vadmir Peavsky is not a real person, but we will get to that.


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